Our Mission

SCONYC is an advocacy organization for science teachers. Through our annual networking conference, we help to build friendship and cooperation among educators, administrators and vendors.

As an individual science educator, you can’t “join” or become a “member” SCONYC. The Science Council of New York City is an umbrella organization, a 501c3 (non-profit) as are its member associations:

  • Chemistry Teachers Club of New York (CTCNY)
  • Educators for Gateway (EFG)
  • Elementary School Science Association (ESSA)
  • New York Biology Teachers Association (NYBTA)
  • New York Microscopical Society (NYMS)
  • New York State Marine Education Association (NYSMEA)
  • Physics Club of New York (PCNY)
  • Science Supervisors Association (SSA)
  • Science Teachers Association of New York State, NYC Section (STANYS-NYC)

Members of these associations in good standing can be recommended by their Boards to represent their organization as a voting member on the SCONYC Board of Directors. Considering the many layered stresses on all educators in our fair city, there is obviously something special about teachers who join volunteer groups in their discipline for networking, helping others and benefitting from them.

What makes them special?

Of course, for those with their eyes on a star, joining these associations, representing them in SCONYC and “ascending” to state level (STANYS) & national (NSTA) organizations, it’s a fine ladder to climb. And fun, too! With the added intention of actually wanting to make a difference by personally influencing decision making in statewide science pedagogy, this becomes a lifelong plan.

Whatever works for you, these organizations will forever keep your heart in the right place and distinguish you from those who see science teaching as a job. It’s easy to be an advocate when your work is your vocation.