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Resources for New York City and State Science Education

In 2016 New York State adopted new Science Standards that are to be implemented gradually until a full transition in the year 2024.  The links below will direct you to external sites that contain information you need to understand the new standards.  For links to information on current curriculum guides for the sciences in NY, please click here.  These links will provide you with more information regarding the new 2016 Standards:

Science Timeline for NYS Science Standards Implementation Resources

Life Sciences: Biology

The Life Sciences Syllabus has a focus on the Biology.  The course is typically the high school freshman or sophomore course.  In order to sit for the regents exam the student must complete a series of NY State required labs.

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Earth Science

With a focus on geology, meteorology, and other aspects of the physical setting, the Earth Science course is often offered as an 8th or 9th grade class or as an elective alternative to Chemistry or Physics.  As part of the regents exam, students will be required to take a Laboratory Practical where they are required to complete several tasks.

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The NYS Chemistry Syllabus also has a focus on the physical setting.  Over the school year students are required to complete 1200 minutes of hands-on lab activities.  The general topics for the class revolve around the interactions between matter and energy and the chemical and physical changes that can be observed.

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The Physics Syllabus is based in non-calculus based physics.  A large part of the curriculum is centered around Newtonian mechanics, with the remainder of the coursework in work, power and energy, waves, electricity, magnetism, modern and nuclear physics.  A 1200 minute hands-on lab requirement also applies to this course.

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NYC P-12 Science Scope and Sequence

The Enhanced NYC Science Scope & Sequence is a revision of an earlier Scope & Sequence published in 2008. The Enhanced NYC Science Scope & Sequence includes the current NYS MST standards that all schools should continue to follow as well as new resources.

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