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Physics Club of New York

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Dues:  $15 /yr., payable to Physics Club of New York Send to:  John Roeder, Secretary-Treasurer 17 Honeyflower Lane West Windsor, NJ 08550-2418

Physics Club of New York

Was established in 1899 and is affiliated with the American Association of Physics Teachers.  We hold meetings on selected Friday evenings at Room 207, Silver (formerly Main) Hall at 32 Waverly Place, at New York University

December 14, 2018:

Marc Gershow, New York University, “Maggots! Systems Neurophysics in Fruit Fly Larvae” Gershow’s lab studies how brains process information and make decisions, using Drosophila larvae as a model. This small crawling organism has transparent skin and neurons that can be targeted and manipulated using powerful genetic tools.  These advantages make it possible to read out neural activity and turn on and off neurons using light, even in intact and freely moving animals. Gershow will discuss the tools developed to use optical methods in behaving larvae and the deep connections between statistical physics and neuroscience.

January 11, 2019:

“Engineering Tomorrow” (in room E/F, 2nd floor, UFT Headquarters, 50 Broadway) Engineering Tomorrow (ET) was founded with two main objectives: (1) to encourage inner city high school students to pursue engineering in college by getting them excited and energized about careers in the field of engineering; and (2) to bolster the number of U.S. students entering the field of engineering in order to continue our country’s leadership in innovation and problem solving at the highest levels.  ET will engage in a hands-on Water Re-use breakout experiment with those attending.  Participants will learn about the global need for clean water and why water re-use is an effective solution. They will explore the fundamentals of water treatment technologies, including clarification, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and disinfection and then complete a clarification experiment that illustrates the principles of Stokes Law and simulates the real-world economic tradeoffs that must be considered when designing an engineering solution.

February 8, 2019:

Matt Kleban, New York University, “The Cosmic Multiverse:  Science or Fantasy?” Kleban will describe the logic behind the idea of the so-called “multiverse," why some scientists take it seriously, and how future astrophysical observations could confirm or falsify its existence.  Along the way Kleban will give a tour of modern cosmology, focusing especially on the big bang and the tiny fraction of a second immediately following it, and on the distant future and ultimate fate of our universe. March 8, 2019: Christopher Koenigsmann, Fordham University, “Bigger Isn't Always Better. Tuning the Size, Composition, and Structure of Nanostructured, Precious Metal Electrocatalysts for Enhanced Performance in PEM Fuel Cells” The high-cost and poor durability of the precious metal catalysts that drive electrochemical reactions within the operating device has hindered the widespread commercialization of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs), particularly in the automotive and portable power markets. In light of this challenge, there has been a broad effort to rationally design precious metal electrocatalysts at the nanoscale, which has led to considerable advancements in catalysts performance. Recent work has focused efforts on employing solution-based methods to produce alloy-type Pt-based nanostructures with tunable structure, size, and composition. Specifically, Pt is combined with abundant and less expensive metals such as silver and first-row transition metals to increase the cost- effectiveness of the catalyst. April 12, 2019: Demo Derby II  
Link to 1899 Article Link to 1899 Article
For those history buffs, here is a link to a copy of an 1899 article in the Science  newsletter announcing the Physics Club of New York

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